Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Will food be our next currency?

eFoods Global

Essential Vision

Our vision is to empower all people to be independent, secure, and prosperous. 

Essential Mission

Our mission is to build innovative brands and systems that improve the personal security of each life we touch.  We strive to manifest excellence in every aspect of our business and always do the right thing by putting people first.

Essential Values

Serve: We serve our customers by providing quality products and excellent customer service each and every day. When our customers serve an eFoods meal, they can always count on its ease of preparation, delicious flavor, and high nutritional value.

Save: We provide the best long-term storable food that can literally save the lives of our customers in times of emergency, hardship, or disaster. As our customers save for their personal reserve program, they are ensuring a secure future for themselves and their families.

Share: We share a message of preparedness and independence to encourage our customers to gain control of their greatest dependency: food. Our customers share the benefits of eFoods products with their family and friends, increasing preparation awareness for millions of people and making our vision a reality.

Essential Story

The eFoods Global™ story began many years ago and centers on our desire to bring quality storable foods to the world. Using the finest ingredients available, our affordable products are both nutritious and delicious—whether served tonight or fifteen years from now. They’re the kind of products you can literally bet your life on to nourish and sustain your family when you need them.

Unlike anything else, food reserves insulate you from outside influences and can literally save your life. Arguably food is our greatest dependency. In a world where market conditions are unstable and cash reserves in all forms may devalue, food remains invaluable. Many experts believe food is the life-sustaining currency of the future. Come what may, when you have food to eat, you are free to be self-reliant.


Essential Opportunity

With a big appetite to help people help themselves, we have created a home-based business opportunity with you in mind. Your person-to-person marketing efforts are the most powerful way to deliver our message and get our products into as many homes as possible. At its core our opportunity is tastefully simple: Serve. Save. Share. Use our delicious foods to create a viable income as an Essential Business Owner. In the process you enrich your life by empowering others with a hand up…one meal at a time!

Our business opportunity is noble, dignified, needed and real. Using our acclaimed products, struggling families have the opportunity to literally work for food and generate revenue that will help them become self-reliant and secure. In essence, as you create a personal solution for yourself, you generate rewards by helping others do the same. Our innovative opportunity that feeds you and pays you is capturing the attention of hundreds of thousands of people across the nation who are interested in doing well while doing good.

With a business opportunity founded on savory products that are easy to use, easy to talk about and easy to share, we are re-defining our entire industry. Experts are already identifying us as the freshest and most exciting opportunity in decades. First-to-market with our simple yet powerful approach, there has never been a better time for you to take control of your life with the opportunity of a lifetime.
Tap into our resources and be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. Let us do all of the heavy lifting and provide a myriad of services that will assist, guide and support you from our warehouse to your doorstep. Imagine how all this and more can be yours as you simply serve, save and share food; the essence of life, liberty and security.

Essential Corporate Leadership

Behind the exceptional foods that are powering eFoods Global’s success stands a seasoned and successful management team. Six innovative business executives, drawing on experience with everything from start-up companies to billion-dollar brands, founded eFoods Global in autumn 2010. Recognizing the need for high-quality nutritional foods that could be used daily or easily stored for years, this team is committed to creating an authentic company, meaning we will honor relationships at every level by being trustworthy. From our products to our operations to our employees to our Independent Business Owners, we will work day by day to ensure that we have the resources and ability to take eFoods Global to the world in a well-planned and seamlessly executed fashion. Foods and commissions will be delivered expertly as we teach the world to serve, save, and share eFoods Global.


Essential Management

Steve Shenk, Chief Executive Officer and Founder
As the CEO and Founder of eFoods Global, Steve encourages our Independent Business Owners (IBOs) success through a focus on fiscal responsibility, managed growth, and resource stewardship. By establishing the support IBOs need to grow their business, he ensures that eFoods Global will be profitable, sustainable, and scalable for years to come. For more than 35 years, Steve has helped hundreds of thousands improve their personal solutions with purpose and passion. He is committed to a corporate culture of gratitude and abundance, exemplified through service. His vision is to change the world one meal at a time. He believes that when nurtured, promoted, and upheld, our freedoms can motivate positive behavior and foster unity in our IBO’s future.

Steve’s aim is to promote and protect our culture of values within the context of entrepreneurialism. He believes our core values are multi-faceted, meaning that they apply to us as individuals, families, and as organizations.

Brad Stewart, President and Founder

Brad is a personable leader who is known for his ability to get things done. As a seasoned veteran of direct sales, Brad has been an owner, executive, consultant, and IBO, and over the past two decades, he has been a top executive in 7 different companies with as many as 300 employees and accumulated revenues in the hundreds of millions.

As President, he is charged with developing, shaping, and executing the future of eFoods Global. His business and life experience in resort development, technology, financial education, and direct selling, as well as being an author and syndicated radio show host, has prepared him for the unbounded success and the life-changing opportunities that await our IBOs. He has a belief that when done right, network marketing is one of the most powerful business models that exists in the 21st century.

Brad and his wife, Linda, are the proud parents of four children and the grandparents of three.

Barbara Rossberg, Chief Operating Officer and Founder

Barbara is uniquely qualified to oversee eFoods Global’s operational strategy and to establish and maintain corporate culture as eFoods Global’s COO. She brings 20 years of experience in leading and managing quality teams, developing and implementing systems, and establishing best practices.

In addition to her duties as COO, Barbara will serve as the executive director of eFoods Global's philanthropic philosophy and initiatives. She is passionate about providing opportunities for humanitarian service to everyone affiliated with eFoods Global. A woman with a big heart, she is devoted to service and helping people reach their potential.

Barbara has a degree from the University of Utah in accounting. Barbara and her husband Ron are the parents of three children and the proud grandparents of three awesome grandchildren.

Brad Reese, Executive Vice President of Sales and Founder

As the executive vice president of sales, Brad oversees and directs the business development activities for eFoods Global. He has personally created programs and support systems that empower IBOs to achieve their personal goals. He is committed to ensuring that every aspect of the IBO experience remains simple and intuitive. His 20 years of start-up experience with MLM companies during their expansion phases has aptly prepared him for the journey ahead.

During his career, he has presented at hundreds of opportunity meetings and events, ranging from hundreds to thousands of attendees. Additionally, he has been a very successful distributor, so the needs of the field never leave his heart. His commitment to the industry, his experience in the field, and his never-ending energy for listening to the needs of IBOs make him a powerful force.

He has a degree from Brigham Young University in communications and advertising. Brad and his wife, Julie, are the parents of six children.

Marvin Higbee, Chief Marketing Officer and Founder

As the CMO of eFoods Global, Marvin brings 23 years of sales, marketing, and management experience to our executive team. He has served in executive positions among distinguished companies in our industry, ranging from startups to billion-dollar brands. His position reflects our commitment to further expand our business capabilities.

Multilingual and fluent in Spanish, Marvin is considered one of the foremost policy experts in direct sales. Because of his impeccable command of business ethics, he was appointed by British Parliament to help rewrite the laws governing network marketing in the UK. Marvin has served in administrative capacities in international markets in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Marvin holds a master’s degree in social science (MSS) in Economics from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. Proud father of a daughter, a son, and three grandsons, he is committed to his family. He also proudly claims his son-in-law as one of his own.

Michael Rossberg, Executive Vice President of Finance and Founder

Michael ensures the financial strength of eFoods Global. He has vast business experience and has managed corporate accounting, compliance and regulatory functions for multimillion-dollar companies.

Trained in accounting and richly experienced in the real world of business, Michael is focused on keeping eFoods Global's IBO income opportunity the best in the industry. He will not only manage eFoods Global's growth and stability by building solid cash reserves and managing aggressive profitability targets, but he will ensure that that the IBOs are paid in full and on time, every time.
Michael has a degree from the University of Utah in accounting. Michael and his wife, Janie, are the parents of three wonderful children.


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