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What’s the Movie About?

It is commonly known in economics academia that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum in 1900 is loaded with powerful symbols of monetary reform which were the core of the Populist movement and the 1896 and 1900 presidental bids of Populist Democrat William Jennings Bryan.

The yellow brick road (gold standard), the Scarecrow (farmers), the Tin Man (industrial workers), the Wicked Witch of the West (Cleveland banker  J.D. Rockefeller) and the Wicked Witch of the East (NY banker J.P.Morgan), the Emerald City of Oz (greenback money), the illusory power of the Wizard in the capitol city (who monopolized power through deceit),  even Dorothy’s silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers for the color movie version -symbols of Baum’s and Bryan’s belief that adding silver coin to gold coin would provide much needed money to a depression-strapped, 1890s America).  Oz is a virtual forest of monetary reform symbolism, done by someone extremely well versed in the Populist monetary reform goals of the period (Baum was a newspaperman and author) – goals which have never changed - they are still valid today, they are needed now more than then.

Oz author L. Frank  Baum’s symbols represent the solution to relieve the growing economic hardship here in America and the rest of the world.  2009 marks the 70th anniversary of the 1939 MGM release of the The Wizard of Oz movie which has impressed audiences for all those years, imprinting Baum’s cryptic monetary reform symbols on the minds of millions.  Money Masters authors Pat Carmack and Bill Still came to the conclusion in late 2008 that now is the time to explain their meaning to the public in a video – the symbols are well known, their meaning is not, yet they hold the key to solving our economic crisis. The familiarity of the Oz symbols to the public makes their explanation a potentially powerful weapon against our modern witches and wizards.   So Money Masters Director Bill Still hit the road once again, interviewed experts familiar with the Oz symbolism, and the result is the fascinating new video Secret of Oz.

Who’s In It?
• Peter Schiff, President of Euro-Pacific Capital, the leading “bear” on Wall Street, author.
• Prof. Quentin Taylor, professor of political science at Rogers State University
• Byron Dale, author and monetary reform expert, author of many books.
• James Robertson, former official in a variety of slots in the UK government, and head of the Inter-Bank Research Organization, author of many books
• Prof. Nick Tideman, VA Tech University School of Economics
• Prof. Michael Hudson, President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET), a Wall Street Financial Analyst, Distinguished  Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and author of Super-Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire (1972 and 2003)
• John Keyworth, Curator, Bank of England Museum
• Ellen Brown, author Web of Debt, attorney and monetary reformer
• Joseph Farah, Founder and CEO of WorldNetDaily
• Nancy Koupal, Director of the South Dakota State Historical Society Press, author
• Reed Simpson, banker, asset manager.

Thirteen years ago, in our documentary “The Money Masters” (co-authored by Patrick Carmack and Bill Still), we asked the question why are Americans going broke and the American middle class rapidly disappearing.   To answer that question we went back and traced the history of modern banking which began over 300 years ago (with the founding of the privately-owned Bank of England).  That history is, of course, still valid. With that historical perspective we were able to predict much of what has happened since we made that video.  Many have called it prophetic - it was simply historically informed.  Now the question is how can we get out of this economic mess.  Foreclosures are everywhere and those still in their homes can barely afford the mortgages, unemployment is at dangerous levels – and this is only the beginning. More and more Americans are being forced into deeper and deeper debt and poverty.
How important is this issue worldwide?
Having private banks create money is the root economic cause of  world poverty, ignorance, hunger, and much preventable disease – the concentration of the world’s money in fewer and fewer hands and the accompanying impoverishment of billions of our fellow human beings, 1/3rd of whom make less that $2 a day, over 1/2 in abject poverty while a couple of hundred men grow fabulously richer daily.  Until the money creation power is restored to the people – to their government and taken back from the bankers -  we will never be able to make a dent in these other economic issues.
We can fix this. We can fix it in a matter of months — a year at most – if we have the will.  We can make our government the most financially sound in the world — nearly overnight.  All we have to do is to take back the power to create and control the quantity of money from private banks (including the privately-owned Federal Reserve banks) and put that power back into the hands of the Congress of the United States where it was under Presidents Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln.

Some say, “Well, those crooks in Congress will create too much money once they get the money power.” But Congress now just borrows it from the private banks which create it, which debt never gets paid back and which we the people have to continually pay interest on.  Instead of borrowing money the U.S. government could and should be creating money interest-free, as it has in the past,  not the banks owed by private stockholders (including many foreigners).  The Monetary Reform Act authored by Patrick Carmack in 1996 and available on this website is a model for such monetary reform, which includes the related solution of paying off the existing US National Debt of over $12 trillion dollars while ending bank money creation by raising the reserve ratio banks are required to maintain from 10% to 100%, thereby absorbing the otherwise inflationary $12 trillion. Yes, we can pay off the National Debt without inflation.  Other versions, some modeled in whole or in part on the Monetary Reform Act are mentioned in this video.
More money for people.
Others will say Congress isn’t responsive to the people as it is.
Well of course not. Too many politicians are responsive to those with money and who have also used it to buy control of the mass media.  Right now, the major Wall Street banks have the money, and control the mass media,  hence the power to influence politicians.  We have to take back the ultimate material power of any nation – the power over its money. With the power of banks diminished, politicians will become responsive to the voters once again and a vibrant, independent mass media can redevelop. 

Do you know that only one zip code in this country spends nearly half of all the special interest lobbying money used to influence Congress? Guess what that zip code is? It’s 10036, the upper east side of Manhattan. That’s where the Mayor of New York City lives.  That’s where the Wall Street bankers live.  They control the money, they control the mass media, they control Congress.  They get the bailouts – other Americans get the bill (in higher taxes to pay the ever-growing interest on the National debt, and in fewer services).

Some will say – the bankers’ shills - that these solutions are something radical like perhaps socialism or worse. They are not. This is the most basic historic struggle for human freedom running back to the beginnings of societies – the struggle for widely disbursed private property and a fair and just economic system. Without that, individual freedom has no solid foundation.

If we value the Founding Father’s dream of freedom — an escape from serfdom by political self-determination – we ultimately have to conclude that creating our money is too important a function to be put into private hands where it can and is being used to corrupt our political system.  History has shown time and time again that concentration of wealth leads to nothing but plutocracy: rule by the rich; then to plutarchy: rule by the very few, very rich,  and ultimately slavery for the rest. 

But what about the banks? They are already failing? Let them fail. Government can issue it’s own money and credit. We don’t need them to create money nor their hyper-expensive compounding interest system. Banks and banking won’t go away. Everyone will still have access to loans and checking accounts.  A genuinely free market will step up and provide those services. You’ll still be able to go down to your local bank to deposit your check. Your bank will still be there. But it will not be creating money as it does now. Jesus chased the moneychangers from the temple in his day. He knew the corrupting power of money. Gandhi said that materialism and morality are inversely proportional – when one increases the other decreases. Modern banking is making its owners far too rich – not by the sweat of their brows but by the sweat of other peoples’ brows. It has gone so far it is actually the cause of the deaths of countless others due to extreme poverty.

Is that fair or just? Obviously not. Big banks already own nearly every large building in every city in the world, not to mention mortgages on virtually every American’s home those that still have homes.  That should be far more than sufficient! Let the people of the world have some money for a change. Give them some incentive to build a better world – we all live in it together.

There is hope, especially here in America. History has shown that America has fought to create it’s own government-issued money and keep privately-owned central banks from doing so for the last 250 years. In fact in no other nation on earth have the people fought for it as successfully and with such determination as have Americans. We kicked out the Bank of England in 1776; we killed the Bank of North America; with President Jefferson we killed the 1st bank of the US; with President Jackson we killed the 2nd bank of the US.  All we need in the face of this first depression of the 21st century is  education and then courage. We can make this the new civil rights movement – the new human rights movement. The big banker Wizards now stand more exposed than ever before. Let’s use history to guide our path today and take the power to create money from privately-owned banks.

After the William Jennings Bryan era the bankers learned that in order to put the lid on this issue they had to buy up the nation’s press. And they did, led in that by banker J.P. Morgan. But that hasn’t worked as well in the Internet age. People are asking the right questions. What is the Federal Reserve and who owns the stock in it? Why does the Fed resist us – even thwarting Congress – from knowing what they are doing with our money, fiercely resisting even audits? How did they get that power from the government? Who creates our money, and in what percentages and quantities? How did private banks get that power from the government? How can we get that power back? For the answers, just follow the yellow brick road with Dorothy in the Secret of Oz.

This new video covers some of the  material in the Money Masters video with new footage and breaks entirely new ground in examining the roots of the present crisis in the era of Wm. Jenning Bryan when the Wonderful Wizard of Oz  was written by author L. Frank Baum. Writing cryptically in Oz Baum revealed the fallacy of the Gold Standard (the Yellow Brick Road) which led to the Wizard of Oz (ounce abbreviated oz, a fine ounce is 99.5% pure gold).  Gold has no magical nor special power as money - that is an illusion like the Wizard’s power. Dorothy’s silver slippers (ignorantly changed by Hollywood to ruby for the movie’s new technicolor) contained the key to the solution. Dorothy (representing the common people – everyman and woman) always had the power to create money from other things (exemplified by her silver slippers, which the Wicked Witch of the West tried to take from her) than gold.

We have no need of the banking Wizards in the City to create money. Our government can simply create money itself  if it ever regains the confidence to throw aside the Wizard’s curtain revealing the trickery of the bank-created-debt-money-system, as Presidents Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln did in their day.  Many more fascinating metaphors, historical allusions and solutions are revealed in the fascinating new video Secret of Oz.

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How to avoid eating Genetically Modified Foods

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
by: Melanie Grimes, citizen journalist
(NaturalNews) Concern about eating genetically modified foods alarms many health conscious consumers. Mike Adams has likened these genetically altered foods to the Frankenstein monster and has raised concerns about the FDA's approval of a genetically altered salmon for human consumption. He has called the GM salmon a "Frankenfish." Concern that the GM salmon will destroy fish populations, such as the Atlantic salmon already on the endangered species list, is added to concerns about the health effects from eating this fish. There are a few steps consumers can follow to help avoid GMOs in their food.
Avoiding genetically modified foods is not easy because the foods are not labeled as such. Some organizations, like Whole Foods Market, the Center for Food Safety and the Non-GMO Project, are now working to support organic agriculture, to source products not containing any GMOs and to help consumers identify non-GM foods.

Buy Organic Foods to Avoid GMOs
Food that is labeled as organic, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), must be produced without the use of any chemical fertilizers or GMOS. Feed for animals that is sold as organic must contain only 100% organic feed. Foods labeled as "organic" are not allowed to contain ANY ingredients sourced from GMOs. Foods labeled "100% organic" must have only 100% organic food sources. Foods labeled as "organic" may be 95 to 100 percent organic, but the other five percent may not be from GMOs. Foods and products labeled as "made with organic ingredients" are only required to contain 70 percent organic food, but all of the ingredients, 100 percent, must be from non-GMO sources. This means that buying organic foods or foods "made from organic ingredient" will protect consumers from GMOs in their food.

Avoid GM Soy, Corn and Canola
The most commonly modified crops are soy, corn, beet sugar and canola oil. To avoid corn and soy means avoiding soy oil and corn syrup, which are added to many foods. Read labels to verify food contents of any prepared or packaged foods.

Eliminate Sugar from the Diet
Sugar from beets is commonly added to prepared foods, desserts and candies. Aside from the GMO aspect, white sugar contains no nutritional value. Instead, use sorghum, honey or molasses to sweeten foods.

Avoid GM Artificial Sugars
Artificial sweeteners are known to be carcinogenic. In addition, some are created from a GM derivative. These synthetic sugars are commonly added to candy, soda pop, diet coffee drinks, and even chewable vitamins and oral prescription drugs like antibiotics. Use fruit and fruit syrups to sweeten foods, or honey and molasses. Even if they don't add calories, the artificial sweeteners increase the toxic load to the body.

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In 2011 The Baby Boomers Start To Turn 65: 16 Statistics About The Coming Retirement Crisis That Will Drop Your Jaw

The American Dream
December 30, 2010

Do you hear that rumble in the distance?  That is the Baby Boomers - they are getting ready to retire.  On January 1st, 2011 the very first Baby Boomers turn 65.  Millions upon millions of them are rushing towards retirement age and they have been promised that the rest of us are going to take care of them.  Only there is a huge problem.  We don't have the money.  It simply isn't there.  But the millions of Baby Boomers getting ready to retire are counting on that money to be there.  This all comes at a really bad time for a federal government that is already flat broke and for a national economy that is already teetering on the brink of disaster.

So just who are the Baby Boomers?  Well, they are the most famous generation in American history.  The U.S. Census Bureau defines the Baby Boomers as those born between January 1st, 1946 and December 31st, 1964.  You see, after U.S. troops returned from World War II, they quickly settled down and everyone started having lots and lots of babies.  This gigantic generations has transformed America as they have passed through every stage of life. Now they are getting ready to retire.

If you add 65 years to January 1st, 1946 you get January 1st, 2011.

The moment when the first Baby Boomers reach retirement age has arrived.

The day of reckoning that so many have talked about for so many years is here.

Today, America's elderly are living longer and the cost of health care is rising dramatically.  Those two factors are going to make it incredibly expensive to take care of all of these retiring Baby Boomers.

Meanwhile, the sad truth is that the vast majority of Baby Boomers have not adequately saved for retirement.  For many of them, their home equity was destroyed by the recent financial crisis.  For others, their 401ks were devastated when the stock market tanked.

Meanwhile, company pension plans across America are woefully underfunded.  Many state and local government pension programs are absolute disasters.  The federal government has already begun to pay out more in Social Security benefits than they are taking in, and the years ahead look downright apocalyptic for the Social Security program.

If we are not careful all of these Baby Boomers are going to push us into national bankruptcy.  We simply cannot afford all of the promises that we have made to them.  The following are 16 statistics about the coming retirement crisis that will drop your jaw.....

#1 Beginning January 1st, 2011 every single day more than 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach the age of 65.  That is going to keep happening every single day for the next 19 years.

#2 According to one recent survey, 36 percent of Americans say that they don't contribute anything at all to retirement savings.

#3 Most Baby Boomers do not have a traditional pension plan because they have been going out of style over the past 30 years.  Just consider the following quote from Time Magazine: The traditional pension plan is disappearing. In 1980, some 39 percent of private-sector workers had a pension that guaranteed a steady payout during retirement. Today that number stands closer to 15 percent, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute in Washington, D.C.

#4 Over 30 percent of U.S. investors currently in their sixties have more than 80 percent of their 401k invested in equities.  So what happens if the stock market crashes again?

#5 35% of Americans already over the age of 65 rely almost entirely on Social Security payments alone.

#6 According to another recent survey, 24% of U.S. workers admit that they have postponed their planned retirement age at least once during the past year.

#7 Approximately 3 out of 4 Americans start claiming Social Security benefits the moment they are eligible at age 62.  Most are doing this out of necessity.  However, by claiming Social Security early they get locked in at a much lower amount than if they would have waited.

#8 Pension consultant Girard Miller recently told California's Little Hoover Commission that state and local government bodies in the state of California have $325 billion in combined unfunded pension liabilities.  When you break that down, it comes to $22,000 for every single working adult in California.

#9 According to a recent report from Stanford University, California's three biggest pension funds are as much as $500 billion short of meeting future retiree benefit obligations.

#10 It has been reported that the $33.7 billion Illinois Teachers Retirement System is 61% underfunded and is on the verge of complete collapse.

#11 Robert Novy-Marx of the University of Chicago and Joshua D. Rauh of Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management recently calculated the combined pension liability for all 50 U.S. states.  What they found was that the 50 states are collectively facing $5.17 trillion in pension obligations, but they only have $1.94 trillion set aside in state pension funds.  That is a difference of 3.2 trillion dollars.  So where in the world is all of that extra money going to come from?  Most of the states are already completely broke and on the verge of bankruptcy.

#12 According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Social Security system will pay out more in benefits than it receives in payroll taxes in 2010.  That was not supposed to happen until at least 2016.  Sadly, in the years ahead these "Social Security deficits" are scheduled to become absolutely horrific as hordes of Baby Boomers start to retire.

#13 In 1950, each retiree's Social Security benefit was paid for by 16 U.S. workers.  In 2010, each retiree's Social Security benefit is paid for by approximately 3.3 U.S. workers.  By 2025, it is projected that there will be approximately two U.S. workers for each retiree.  How in the world can the system possibly continue to function properly with numbers like that?

#14 According to a recent U.S. government report, soaring interest costs on the U.S. national debt plus rapidly escalating spending on entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare will absorb approximately 92 cents of every single dollar of federal revenue by the year 2019.  That is before a single dollar is spent on anything else.

#15 After analyzing Congressional Budget Office data, Boston University economics professor Laurence J. Kotlikoff concluded that the U.S. government is facing a "fiscal gap" of $202 trillion dollars.  A big chunk of that is made up of future obligations to Social Security and Medicare recipients.

#16 According to a recent AARP survey of Baby Boomers, 40 percent of them plan to work "until they drop".

Companies all over America have been dropping their pension plans in anticipation of the time when the Baby Boomers would retire.  401k programs were supposed to be part of the answer, but if the stock market crashes again, it is absolutely going to devastate the Baby Boomers.
State and local governments are scrambling to find ways to pay out all the benefits that they have been promising.  Many state and local governments will be forced into some very hard choices by the hordes of Baby Boomers that will now be retiring.

Of course whenever a big financial crisis comes along these days everyone looks to the federal government to fix the problem.  But the truth is that after fixing crisis after crisis the federal government is flat broke.
At our current pace, the Congressional Budget Office is projecting that U.S. government public debt will hit 716 percent of GDP by the year 2080.

But our politicians just keep spending money.  In order to pay the Baby Boomers what they are owed the federal government may indeed go into even more debt and have the Federal Reserve print up a bunch more money.

So in the end, Baby Boomers may get most of what they are owed.  Of course it may be with radically devalued dollars.  Already we are watching those on fixed incomes being devastated by the rising cost of food, gas, heat and health care.

What is going to happen one day when prices have risen so much that the checks that our seniors are getting are not enough to heat their homes?
What are we going to do when those on fixed incomes are buying dog food because it is all that they can afford?

We are rapidly reaching a tipping point.  As the first Baby Boomers retire the system is going to do okay.  But as millions start pouring into the system it is going to start breaking down.

No, there is not much that we can do about it now.  We should have been planning for all of this all along.  Americans should have been saving for retirement and governments should have been setting money aside.

But it didn't happen.

Now we pay the price.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The  Money Masters
is a 3 1/2 hour non-fiction, historical documentary that traces the origins of the political power structure. The modern political power structure has its roots in the hidden manipulation and accumulation of gold and other forms of money. The development of fractional reserve banking practices in the 17th century brought to a cunning  sophistication the secret techniques initially used by goldsmiths fraudulently to accumulate wealth. With the formation of the privately-owned Bank of England in 1694, the yoke of economic slavery to a privately-owned “central” bank was first forced upon the backs of an entire nation, not removed but only made heavier with the passing of the three centuries to our day. Nation after nation has fallen prey to this cabal of international central bankers.

The success of the central banking scheme developed into a far-reaching  plan described by President Clinton’s mentor, Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley,  “to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of  the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves  private corporations. Each central bank….sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the levels of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”

Several short-lived attempts to impose the central banking scheme on the United States were defeated by the patriotic efforts of Presidents Madison, Jefferson, Jackson, Van Buren and Lincoln. But with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, America was firmly lashed to the same yoke, so that a small number of very rich men have been able to lay upon the masses a yoke little better than slavery itself. That yoke inevitably grows heavier with ever-compounding interest, and totals over $20 trillion of debt owed by the American people today ($80,000 per American) ultimately to these bankers.

This vast accumulation of wealth concentrates immense power and despotic economic domination in the hands of the few central bankers “who are able to govern credit and its allotment, for this reason supplying, so to speak, the life-blood to the entire economic body, and grasping, as it were, in their hands the very soul of the economy so that no one dare breathe against their will.”

Segments: The Problem; The Money Changers; Roman Empire; The  Goldsmiths of Medieval England; Tally Sticks; The Bank of England; The Rise of the Rothschilds; The American Revolution; The Bank of North America; The Constitutional Convention; First Bank of the U.S.; Napoleon’s Rise to Power; Death of the First Bank of the U.S. / War of 1812; Waterloo; Second Bank of the U.S.; Andrew Jackson; Abe Lincoln and the Civil War; The Return of the Gold Standard; Free Silver; J.P. Morgan / 1907 Crash;  Jekyll Island; Fed Act of 1913; J.P. Morgan / WWI; Roaring 20s / Great Depression; FDR /  WWII / Fort Knox; World Central Bank; Conclusions.

“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”  – Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England (appointed 1928). Reputed to be the 2nd wealthiest man in England at that time.

“The purpose of this financial crisis is to take down the U.S. dollar as the stable datum of planetary finance and, in the midst of the resulting confusion, put in its place a Global Monetary Authority [GMA - run directly by international bankers freed of any government control] -a planetary financial control organization”- Bruce Wiseman

Other Resources:
Secrets of The Federal Reserve
G. Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve System
Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve
The Bankruptcy of The United States

Learning to 'Live Free' comes from experience and personal growth ... Lets break our conditioning!

David Goliath

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New Year's Re-Solutions For Non-violent Rebellion

Activist Post
Tuesday, December 28, 201010

As the United States edges closer to becoming a third world country; anger, frustration, and cynicism continue to mount in the minds of the American population.  In fact, a recent Pew Research poll showed that 80% of baby boomers are pessimistic about America's future.  This pessimism seems warranted as authentic political solutions appear to be in short supply in our corporate state.

The democratic political system is now clearly run by crony cartelism.  The multinational banks have hijacked the economy and are openly looting the public. Mounting and impossible-to-pay off debt is crippling local governments. The entire spectrum of our rights continues to degrade. Crimes that would land regular citizens in jail are now openly being committed by the elite and their organizations with no justice. And perhaps most telling, the power structure is establishing a control grid to eliminate due process for the Internet and beyond to stifle any dissent.

Given the current situation, it can seem impossible to affect real change. However, the exact opposite is the case.  The only reason the system is maintained is because the majority still acquiesce to it. However, change won't come by electing new establishment politicians, because no matter how noble they may be they still must play the corrupt game. Change won't come through violent protests or offensive cyber hacktivism, as that only invites and justifies the creeping police state.  We must stop accepting and supporting the system, individually, in order to change it.
Because our representative democracy has become a fraud, and the media and courts are clearly shills for the oligarchs, our only action appears to be non-violent rebellion; one person and community at a time. We can expose the crimes and immorality of the corporate state through civil disobedience and conscientious objection. We can punish multinational companies who commit flagrant fouls on humanity and the environment by boycotting them. Additionally, we can peacefully regain our liberty by becoming less dependent on the system for our basic needs.

Here are ten solutions through non-violent activism:

1. Buy Local Food: One of the most powerful cartels that has their tentacles into government is the food cartel. Their agenda has been to control the basic resources of food (corn, wheat, soy, rice).  The best way to conquer this cartel is by eating local; produce your own food, join and contribute to local cooperatives, and engage your neighbors and community for more local food solutions.  Local co-ops are also a great place to trade locally crafted goods and even services. Obviously, do your best to avoid GMO food and eat organically when you can.  Finally, be vocal and active in your opposition to GMO foods and the cartel control of the FDA.

2. Become More Self-Sufficient:  Our modern society has made us dependent on something or someone other than ourselves for most necessities such as electricity, food, water, medicine, security, and education. This dependence puts us at the direction or disposal of the cartel state. Therefore, the only entity that has the power to grant us liberty is ourselves; and we can take back our independence through self-sufficiency. Being self-sufficient means learning skills that will help you and your family survive economic downturns or other emergencies.  These skills may also help you to be less dependent on your job as they'll make you a useful independent producer. Lead your neighborhood and community toward production and away from dependence.

3. Get Healthier: The increasing pace of life seems to offer a wealth of distractions from the importance of living a truly healthy and free life.  Our modern world offers easy choices like fast-food in place of fresh produce; TV in place of reading, exercise, or meditation; Internet social networks in place of meaningful personal relationships, etc.  Identify the areas lacking in your own life and resolve to make the necessary changes that will increase your physical fitness, mental acuity, and your spiritual evolution.  These three areas are what truly sustain us in both good times and bad -- not smart phones, computer games, and the virtual world.

4. Buy Silver and Gold: America desperately needs a monetary revolution before the dollar experiment completely collapses. Like all revolutions this must start from a groundswell of rebellious action.  A good place to start is to convert your devaluing dollars to physical gold and silver.  This will punish the banks, especially JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve, as well as protect your assets. Furthermore, if the dollar continues to collapse, silver and gold may well become a viable currency in society once again, as it already is in some parts of Michigan. Buying junk silver is something anyone can afford to do and is highly recommended.

5. Expose the Agenda: The "agenda" is one of consolidation of wealth, power, and control in every facet imaginable. The international elite are approaching near one-world control, which they call full spectrum dominance of economies and societies.  In other words; national, local, and individual sovereignty is all but gone.  It is extremely important to engage your local community, especially community leaders and police, to reiterate their obligation to serve the local community under the Constitution, and not to follow illegal Federal demands. Above all, do not give in to the temptation of apathy as you begin to learn more about the systems of control.  These systems first count on your ignorance, then they count on laziness.  Finally, say what you stand for such as peace, liberty, and genuine justice with even more force than shouting about what you oppose.

6. Boycott: In the U.S. it has become obvious that a system has taken hold which is economically designed for one thing: consumption.  This is the value that each person has been given from birth.  So, one key way to assert your power and value in such a system is to vote with your wallet.  Every purchase you make either contributes to, or boycotts this corporatist structure.  Become aware of who the real owners are and what inhumane practices are behind the products you purchase, so that you can make intelligent choices that support your health and promote justice.  Additionally, it is important to learn the true contents of the products you buy, so that you don't fall prey to slick advertising and corporate misdirection. Join or create campaigns to educate shoppers and force better labeling of products so it is easier for others to consciously boycott them.

7. Local Politics: Forget wasting any of your energy and resources on Federal politics -- they have sold out long ago to the higher authorities that fund their multi-million dollar campaigns. Instead, get involved in small town politics and community initiatives.  The future will be built from the ground up, starting right in your own neighborhood.  Local politics is where you can affect tangible changes. Everything from removing chemicals from public water, to throwing the TSA out of your local airport, or refusing military recruitment or fusion centers in protest of the war on terror, can be accomplished at the local level.  Each minor victory will send shock waves to other small communities and the country as a whole, so be sure to document the steps you have taken to achieve victory, then share your story for others to emulate.

8. Military refusal: Do not contribute to fraudulent wars, and do not succumb to the pressure of feeling "unpatriotic."  There are countless groups of veterans who have seen through the government lies that have led to unnecessary deaths, as well as the financial destruction of the country.  There is, in fact, no more patriotic action that can be taken than to demand that our military be used properly to strengthen the country, rather than to weaken it. For some, there is absolutely no excuse for war, ever, and merely the act of showing up contributes to this affliction.  It is a profound resolution of courage to live by your convictions.  So, if opposing the fraudulent wars is your main issue, file as a conscientious objector and contribute to peace instead of war.  As Gandhi said, "There is no path to peace; peace is the path."

9. Don't Use Banks: The banks have proven to be some of the most immoral, dare we say "evil," institutions on the planet. Besides their Ponzi-style Wall Street casino and mortgage/foreclosure fraud, they also profit heavily from wars, Mexican drug gangs, and fleecing the public. Some are finding their actions so horrific that they'd prefer to default on their debts rather than give them another dime. That may be extreme given the consequences; however, we can at least vow not to take on any new bank financing of any kind -- mortgages, credit cards, or car loans, etc. Where possible, bank with local credit unions instead of the big banks that make up the cartel.  Another powerful action is to start or support a regional competing currency.  On the Federal level, we can tell our Congress reps to support Ron Paul's effort to legalize competing currencies nationwide.

10. Tax Resistance: Becoming a tax resister is a hardcore action of civil disobedience that comes with serious consequences -- unless of course you're Tim Geithner who gets to say "oops, my bad" in order to qualify as the head of collecting said taxes.  However, when the electoral process and two-party system proves to be a farce, corporations clearly win on every issue, and the will of the people is no longer represented in the media or the courts, people are left with little choice but non-violent rebellion in all its forms. Tax rebellion is often cited by conscientious objectors who oppose how the government uses taxpayer dollars to fund immoral deeds such as war, authorizing torture, building the police state, and fraudulent bank bailouts.  A second group of tax protesters refuse to file because they don't believe income taxes to be lawful under the Constitution.

Learning to 'Live Free' comes from experience and personal growth ... Lets break our conditioning!

The World According to Monsanto

Source: GreenMuze Staff

The World According to Monsanto is an in-depth look at the domination of the agricultural industry from one of the world’s most insidious and powerful companies. A bold, brilliant film and a definite must-see for anyone who is interested in learning more about the multi-billion dollar, omni-powerful, and highly dangerous Monsanto.

French filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin spent some 20 years hearing about Monsanto before she set out to understand just what Monsanto was all about. Robin posits that perhaps the company’s past can shed some light on what the company is all about today. Monsanto started out as one of the world’s largest chemical companies and is responsible for the creation of Agent Orange (used during the Vietnam War), Aspartame, Bovine Growth Hormone, Polystyrene, PCBs and GE crops (genetically-engineered).

No other filmmaker has ever created such a compelling and damning case against Monsanto. The only other individual to come close to exposing the ugly reality of Monsanto’s contribution to the planet is best-selling author Jeffrey Smith with his book Seeds of Deception .

Monsanto’s leading product is Roundup - the world’s best selling herbicide for the last 30 years. Monsanto is also the world’s leader in biotechnology, with over 90% of the genetically modified organisms grown on the planet belonging to them. Most are modified to resist the application of Roundup technology.

When Roundup as introduced in 1974, the success of the product was, in part, due to its claims of being biodegradable, and that the product ‘leaves the soil clean’ and is good for the environment. Monsanto was twice found guilty of false advertising. Monsanto has now removed the word biodegradable from its labels.

Monsanto's PCBs also have a lethal legacy. Robin interviews individuals in Pennsylvania who suffered serious health affects from Monsanto’s PCB production plant. In 2001, 20,000 residents filed two lawsuits against Monsanto seeking compensation for the negative effects of the PCBs. Monsanto settled by paying $700 million dollars to build a special hospital, compensate the victims, and clean up the contaminated site. David Carpenter, the foremost expert on PCBs explains how the entire world is now contaminated with PCBs. “They have gone into the water and into the air.”

Monsanto’s GMOs, perhaps the products that are causing the most concern with activists around the globe, were only introduced in 1996 when their Roundup Ready Soybeans were approved for use in the USA. Today, less than 12 years later, Roundup Ready Soy Beans account for 90% of all the soybeans grown in American. 70% of the food in American stores contain bio-engineered elements. There is no labelling of genetically modified foods in the USA.

Monsanto also created the controversial Bovine Growth Hormone (rBHG), which is a transgenetic hormone injected into cows to increase milk yield. Monsanto was involved in a major bribery scandal in Canada over their attempts to bribe Health Canada workers into suppressing rBHG data. Eventually, Canada did not approve the drug for use in Canada. The European Parliament has disapproved its use.

Marie-Monique Robin has left no stone unturned in the Monsanto story. She interviews every authority on the subject (both pro and anti-Monsanto), traces American policy-making that allowed Monsanto to prosper and shows how many individuals who have worked to approve the technology at a government level have long ties with the company.

A riveting look at the world’s most frightening company.

"Roundup Ready Soy Beans account for 90% of all the soybeans grown in American."
"70% of the food in American stores contain bio-engineered elements."

Learning to 'Live Free' comes from experience and personal growth ... Lets break our conditioning!
David Goliath

Monday, December 27, 2010

AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism

America: Freedom to Fascism is a 2006 film by Aaron Russo, which alleges among a variety of claims that income tax is illegal.

This documentary covers many subjects, including: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the income tax, Federal Reserve System, national ID cards (REAL ID Act), human-implanted RFID tags (Spychips), Diebold electronic voting machines, globalization, Big Brother, taser weapons abuse, and the alleged use of terrorism by government as a means to diminish the citizens’ rights.

The film’s claims about the illegality of the income tax in the United States have been critiqued as factually incorrect by some reviewers. The film has, however, developed a strong following.

Federal Reserve System issues and interviews in the film

The film spends a fair amount of time examining the Federal Reserve System, including its genesis and functions. The film asserts that the Federal Reserve System is a system of privately held, for profit corporations, not a government agency, and was commissioned to print fiat money on behalf of the federal government, at a fee ultimately paid for by the personal income tax (through service on bond interest). The film also refers to the fact that the United States dollar is not backed by gold, and claims that this means the dollar has no real backing other than future income tax payments. Consequently, the film proposes, Federal Reserve Notes represent debt instead of wealth.

According to the film, the Federal Reserve System operates by manipulation of what is sometimes referred to as the business cycle of economic expansion and retraction by putting new notes into circulation to increase the ease of obtaining credit, which devalues the currency, then compounds inflation by increasing interest (prime) rates. This manipulation, according to the film, is responsible for a 96% devaluation of American currency since it was made possible to increasingly sever the link with gold backing by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The film says that this process of creating new money and adding it to the money supply is known as debasement and is a cause of inflation. In this way, the film asserts that the Federal Reserve System simultaneously controls the supply of money and its value.

The central thesis of the film may be that this monetary policy is the strongest form of governance that has ever existed, and is central to the unconstitutional, global power ambitions of the interests that supposedly control the Federal Reserve System.

The film also asserts that the private interests it claims are controlling the Federal Reserve System have been present for generations. According to the film, however, most Americans are kept ignorant of how the Federal Reserve operates through actions of corrupt politicians and an increasingly centralized media. By using what the film calls legalistic and economic “mumbo-jumbo” terms such as ‘monetizing the debt’ or ‘adjusting monetary policy for increased fluidity of credit’, these interests, according to the film, conceal the true actions of the Fed behind veils of legitimacy.

The argument made in the film is that there is no reason why the Federal Reserve System should have a monopoly on the U.S. money supply. The film asserts that, “America got along just fine before the Federal Reserve came into existence” (which, in the film maker’s view, leads to the question of why the Federal Reserve System was created).

The film contends that the U.S. Congress has no control or oversight over the Fed, and hence has no control over the value of U.S. money. The film argues that Congressional control over the value of money is required by Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. The phrase in question (clause 5) states that the United States Congress shall have the power “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin…”

The film includes a call to action to abolish the Federal Reserve. In 2007, the Boston Globe stated that Congressman Ron Paul, “says he doesn’t agree with all the film’s arguments, but he says the film had ‘a huge impact’ on the support his campaign is drawing”, a reference to Paul’s presidential bid in 2007 and 2008.

Federal income tax issues and interviews in the film

Through interviews with various individuals including former IRS agents, Russo sets forth the tax protester argument that, “there is no law requiring an income tax”, and that the personal income tax is illegally enforced to support the activities of the Federal Reserve System.

One of the listed stars of the film, Irwin Schiff, was sentenced on February 24, 2006 to 13 years and 7 months in prison for tax evasion and ordered to pay over $4.2 million in restitution. In pre-sentencing documents filed with the court, Schiff’s lawyers had argued that he had a mental disorder related to his beliefs about taxation. Initially, the film portrays Mr. Schiff as a tax expert, though his qualifications and those of many other individuals in the film are not mentioned. Later in the film, Russo reveals that Schiff has gone to jail.

Mr. Schiff appears in the film for another reason as well. The filmmaker lampoons Judge Kent Dawson’s reaction to Schiff’s defense. The film alleges that the judge “denied Irwin the ability to prove to a jury that there was no law requiring Americans to file an income tax return. He denied Irwin the right to attempt to prove to a jury there was no law . . . by stating, ‘I will not allow the law in my courtroom.’” At 0:48:28 of the film, Mr. Russo introduces the judge and his statement.

Under the U.S. legal system, the general rule (with exceptions) is that neither side in a civil or criminal case is allowed to try to prove to the jury what the law is. For example, in a murder case the defendant is not generally allowed to persuade the jury that there is no law against murder, or to try to interpret the law for the jury. Likewise, the prosecution is not allowed to try to persuade the jury about what the law is, or how it should be interpreted. Disagreements about what the law is are argued by both sides before the judge, who then makes a ruling. Prior to jury deliberations, the judge, and only the judge, instructs the jury on the law.
Another listed star, Vernice Kuglin, was acquitted in her criminal trial for tax evasion in August 2003. This means she was not found guilty of a willful intent to evade income taxes. (A conviction for tax evasion requires, among other things, proof by the government that the defendant engaged in one or more affirmative acts of misleading the government or of hiding income.) Kuglin’s acquittal did not relieve her of liability for the taxes. Kuglin entered a settlement with the government in 2004 in which she agreed to pay over $500,000 in taxes and penalties. On April 30, 2007, the Memphis Daily News reported that Kuglin’s Federal tax problems continued with the filing of a notice of Federal tax lien in the amount of $188,025. The Memphis newspaper also stated that Kuglin has “given up her fight against paying taxes, according to a Sept. 10, 2004, Commercial Appeal story.”

The preview clip for the film includes assertions contradicted by official government publications regarding the activities and nature of such institutions as the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve System.

Learning to 'Live Free' comes from experience and personal growth ... Lets break our conditioning!

David Goliath

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vaccine Nation: FULL LENGTH Documentary

At the end of the eighteenth century, British physician Edward Jenner, with highly questionable medical credentials, initiated the theory and practice of live virus immunization that continues to serve as the scientific basis for the ever increasing vaccination of the world’s citizens. With the number of vaccinations given to infants and children rising, kids are receiving doses of toxic mercury and other heavy metals well above environmental safety levels.

Yet the medical evidence is clear. Mercury, known as thimerosal, and other heavy metal additives are highly toxic and threaten children with neurological damage. The long-term efficacy of global vaccination remains controversial, inconclusive and is suspect in light of the powerful corporate interests, lobbying efforts, and profits associated with a multi-billion dollar vaccine industry..

In his documentary film Vaccine Nation, award-winning investigative film director Dr. Gary Null challenges the basic health claims by government health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly safe. This is one of the most critical questions facing today’s children and future generations to come. If inoculation with a large regimen of vaccines is safe, what can account for the rapid increase in autism and other mental disabilities that are now at epidemic proportions? And why isn’t the sudden onset of neurological illnesses in children being treated as an urgent crisis by our government and medical industries?

Weaving together interviews with many of the nations most expert medical researchers, private physicians specializing in autism, parents of children victimized by immunization, congressmen, vaccination activists, legal authorities and more, Vaccine Nation will awaken viewers to one of the continual perils to the health and future of children.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WikiLeaks exposes Pope as supporter of GMOs

Natural News
Wednesday, December 22, 2010
by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Though the Vatican refuses to issue a public stance on genetically-modified organisms (GMO), several leaked cables have revealed that Pope Benedict XVI secretly favors GMOs and believes more should be done to encourage their spread around the world. Both a leaked cable from June and one from November confirm the Pope's endorsement of biotechnology and the Vatican push to promote its use.
The June 2009 report, which was recently confirmed by a Vatican spokesperson, explains that the Pope believes "further infrastructure development" is necessary to increase "food security." And the November 2009 report elucidates even further, proclaiming that "[t]he Vatican's own scientific academy has stated that there is no evidence GMOs are harmful, and that they could indeed be part of addressing global food security."

Apparently the Vatican "scientific academy" overlooked key data highlighting the link between GMOs and a host of serious health problems, including sterility, organ damage, diabetes, obesity and severe allergic reactions. And pesticides like Monsanto's Roundup (glyphosate) that are used on GMO crops are causing birth defects, miscarriages and cancer in humans, not to mention a mass die-off of nature's important pollinators like bees, bats and butterflies.

The leaked reports coincide with others that exposed the U.S. State Department's agenda of forcing GMOs upon the nations of the world. This U.S. effort on behalf of biotechnology includes the Obama Administration's "Evergreen Revolution," a program designed to spread GMOs to Africa just like the first "Green Revolution" did in India (

The State Department is also pushing the Vatican to increase its vocal support for GMOs "in the hope that a louder voice in Rome will encourage individual church leaders elsewhere to reconsider their critical views."

Sources for this story include:

Learn more:
Learning to 'Live Free' comes from experience and personal growth ... Lets break our conditioning!
David Goliath